J.E.S Bookkeeping Services

J Sutton MAAT



Payrolls can be run either weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly to suit clients payday.

Professional software is used to meet with the RTI scheme introduced in April 2013.

Payslips can be posted or emailed to client or directly to employees.

Every payroll process a summary will be supplied showing a breakdown of the payroll and the amount due to be paid to HMRC for the month.

All payroll services will be invoiced on a monthly basis.


CIS Returns

These are submitted through professional software on a monthly basis. A subcontractor payslip or payment certificate can be issued by post or email to suit needs.

Subcontractor payment details for period will be requested via email or confirmed by phone before processing.

Invoices will be raised on a monthly basis unless it is a nil submission for the period.


Tax returns & Financial Accounts

Whether you are a soletrader, partnership or a small company, these can be produced on a annual basis or from bookkeeping already completed. Unless a tax return is required only, a copy of the signed tax return and accounts (full or income and expenditure) will be supplied for client to keep for their records.

Fees can be arranged at an annual fixed rate or charged per hour if the amount of transactions vary from year to year.

J Sutton is licensed and regulated by AAT under license number 10038.


Bookkeeping services are performed on clients preferences, this can be on a regular basis or when required. This can be helpful to soletraders or smaller business' who would like to reduce their accounting and tax returns fees by preparing at intervals rather then when the deadlines are fast approaching.

Fees can be fixed on estimated transactions or charged by the time taken to complete.

I can complete this service at clients premises or bookkeeping records can be picked up, posted or shared through a online service such as cloud drive or dropbox. VAT returns can be prepared and submitted through this process to suit requirements.

Invoices will be charged on a monthly basis or when each bookkeeping is complete.